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Sunglasses by photographers. Tens drench your world in rich, warm tones - no matter where you are.

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We make everyday life look and feel ten times better. How? Click on the links below to see for yourself.

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“Sunglasses that trap every waking moment in amber”

“In a sense, they’re Instagram to the second power”

“The nostalgia tinted vibes of gone-but-not-forgotten summers”

“These sunglasses see the world in a different way”

“Tens uses warmth to enhance our perception of colour”

“One of the coolest things in the world”

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We think you’ll love these - but if not, send them back for a full refund, no worries.

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Fast delivery to anywhere in the world, so you can wear them to that thing next week.

If you know, you know

Our community’s like a secret society with an amber-tinted lens instead of a complicated handshake.

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“They give everything a beautiful filter, great for the hot Australian sun. I would definitely recommend these glasses.”
Star Star Star Star Star
Tony via TrustPilot
“The best pair of sunglasses I’ve owned, surpassing all of my previous ‘designer sunglasses by a long way.”
Star Star Star Star Star
George via TrustPilot
“Wearing these sunglasses make you feel happier!”
Star Star Star Star Star
Carina via TrustPilot
“The best purchase I’ve ever made in my life! You’re great, keep it cool guys!”
Star Star Star Star Star
Diana via TrustPilot
“I owned various “big brand” sunglasses for years, but everything changed when I got my first pair of Tens”
Star Star Star Star Star
Ben via TrustPilot

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