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Travel Case Black 1
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If you don’t like them, send them back within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. None.


Travel Case


Our super durable hard case is your Tens’ perfect companion on your travels to come. Constructed with a tough exterior shell, vegan-friendly faux leather and soft inner lining to prevent scratches. Time to get packing.

Dimensions: 168mm x 74mm x 50mm

Good vibes guarantee

We think you’ll love these - but if not, send them back for a full refund, no worries.

Wear them in no time

Fast delivery to anywhere in the world, so you can wear them to that thing next week.

If you know, you know

Our community’s like a secret society with an amber-tinted lens instead of a complicated handshake.


Got a question?

What makes the lens special in comparison to other lenses?

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We have spent years working with our supplier to create a perfect, sense-heightening tint. To our knowledge, there are no other sunglasses available on the market that will offer you as pleasurable a view as Tens.

What are your frames made from?

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Our “Bio Collection” frames are made from plant-based, 100% biodegradable acetate. The material is manufactured by Mazzuchelli in Italy and derives from the renewable resources of cotton and wood pulp from a sustainably managed forest.

The impact on the environment is significantly better compared to regular plastic sunglasses which are based on petrochemical substances that burn oxygen and release CO2. The bio acetate is made from organic sources including cotton and wood pulp which have been involved in turning CO2 in oxygen through photosynthesis, and the frames themselves are 100% biodegradable. The material has undergone biodegradability test in compliance with rule ISO 14855, carried out by a paramount research institute in Belgium: Organic Waste System.

Our “Core Collection” frames are made from regular acetate. Like our “Bio Collection” it is a hypoallergenic and durable material made from cotton and wood pulp.

Does the lens protect your eyes from harmful rays and are they polarised?

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Our signature lens is a Category 3 tinted lens featuring full UV400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful rays. Our sunglasses aren’t polarised. The reason for this is that our perfect lens tint is not possible whilst being polarised. Our lens provides a clear and balanced view filled with depth, which makes Tens very comfortable to wear whilst driving.